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Be confident in your ideas and let your work speak for itself

Being a woman in the content creation industry has been nothing less than empowering”, says Bianca Moreira, a 32yr old Multimedia Producer/Director and new business owner. “Some may have heard, Women can’t be Directors, they can only be Makeup Artists or Wardrobe Stylists. I disagree, now don’t get me wrong, I respect each and every role and department in the industry and believe that no matter if you are a male or female, the main goal is working within the same vein, together as a team towards an optimum outcome for a project. As a woman in the creative industry, the main lesson I have learnt thus far is, be confident in your ideas and let your work speak for itself.”

Hi, my name is Bianca, an only child born in Johannesburg. I remember dancing in front of my mirror when I was 6yrs old and that is where my soul first lit up. In my later teens I went on to become a professional Latin American dancer, which is where my passion for creativity and expression was born. I completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Motion Picture Medium, specialising in Multimedia Producing. And from there, there was no turning back. The world of digital content was my playground.

In the creative industry of content creation, involving video, photography, motion graphics, animation etc, the professionals in this industry are sometimes overlooked and undermined. Is being a creative even a real profession? 100% it is! With an industry filled with so many creative powerhouses, standing out and making your mark is sometimes challenging. But we need to remember that a challenge is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity, an opportunity to push innovation and ideation.

Not so long ago, online content was limited and only held the floor for large established brands, and now… it’s everything. Online content is accessible no matter the size of your business, and without online content, your reach is significantly lower given today’s online behaviours of your customers. With an influx of online content, on Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok just to mention a few. Featuring new products, services and the latest hottest trends, it leads to question: “Is the content I am posting actually converting?”

They say, “Content is King” but I believe “Content is King, but strategy is Queen.” Create content with a purpose driven strategy and your conversion rates will be significantly higher.

I’ve been working in the South African content industry for the past 8 years, in which I had the opportunity to work for 2 years in Dubai, UAE as a Producer and Content Director. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to cross international waters so early in my career. It hasn’t been easy but it’s only the beginning, and I welcome all that is to come. Working with multinational and multifaceted creative professionals has taught me so much, no individual is the same which is why a flexible approach reaps a strategic outcome.

In February 2022, I took a leap of faith. I opened my own company, called “House of Freya”, a brand consultancy agency specialising in content creation, social media, visual brand communication strategies and so much more. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, leaving a career as an employee of 8 years and jumping right into the industry as a business owner had me super excited but scared at the same time. But I believe with my whole heart that it was time hone and grow my skills and spread my wings as an entrepreneur.

As women, we need to stand tall, stand proud, be confident in our skills but always remember that in all we do, no matter the industry, we need to listen, collaborate, learn and grow. Know that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how much it scares you. In the same breath, I myself am learning and growing every day, always keeping my eye on the goal but being flexible in my approach.

The next steps for “House of Freya”, is getting the company off the ground. The aim is to acquire more clients, so that I can start scaling the business and employing likeminded creative professionals to grow with me, as I grow with them. My number one goal is to empower the youth and more specifically, women. I strongly believe in women empowerment, equal opportunity and most importantly collaborative working environments. Many hands make a lighter load, but many hands, together…make magic.

Whilst we are building the business step by step here in South Africa, I am also working on international projects, one being a Cinema Commercial that I will be producing and directing in Dubai in March 2022. Closing this project was tough, myself and fellow female colleague based in Dubai pitched against a number of well-established agencies. And in result of our hard work and drive for perfection, we closed the deal – just two women hungry for success. Again, I am beyond grateful, grateful for collaborative journeys that will aid in building the business and creating a space for likeminded individuals to craft their skills and grow.

Even though I am working on international projects, my main goal is to focus on South Africa. We have a vast range of incredibly talented creatives and professionals who are not only excellent at what they do but they are hungry to learn, grow and most importantly always give 110%. Which is why South Africa is most definitely on the international stage in terms of quality and output, we just need the platform to shine – which is what we at House of Freya want to do. Penetrating the creative industry has been filled with obstacles and opportunities. But an opportunity is only an opportunity if you take it with both hands, trust in your capabilities and put your heart and soul into what you do.

The industry is immersed in competition. Competition is fantastic, it gives you that drive to thrive, but I strongly believe in creating community rather than competition. As South African’s we need to stand together, uplift each other and fight for the excellence we so gracefully have. Which is why I am so grateful for The Portuguese Forum and Women’s Group, the support and mentorship is priceless for us young professionals.

My main piece of advice that I would give the youth and specifically women wanting to enter the creative industry is, follow your passions and don’t let other’s opinions of your dreams and goals deter you. It’s not about them, it’s about YOU. There will undoubtably be challenging times, where you just want to throw in the towel, but if you really love what you do, believe in yourself and keep pushing. There is no growth without failure, failure is where we learn, grow and evolve. So, let’s fail, learn, stand up and grow!

To starting new ventures, to taking the leap, to believing in yourself. Always be yourself, do your best and the universe will do the rest.

Happy Women’s Month!

— Bianca

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